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boat rideIn Uganda you will have the opportunity to enjoy a couple of boat rides during your holiday. During these you will not only enjoy the nice water but also be rewarded with views of different wildlife. The different boat cruises within Uganda include rides on the Murchison Falls and kaziga channel. Each of these boat rides is lead by a professional wildlife guide who will detail you about each of the wildlife you will encounter. They will also help in pointing out some of the other wildlife you would have missed on an un guided tour.

The Kazinga Chanel Boat Ride Safari

The kazinga channel is a 40k log natural water channel that joins Lake Edward with Lake George. This launch cruise being the highlight of the activities enjoyed here offers great opportunities to see different wildlife such as hippos, crocodiles and a great profusion of birds like the shoebill, martial eagle, African skimmers, cormorants and African spoonbills up-close.

On the shores of this channel you will also be able to see elephants, some loner buffaloes and if lucky a few predators such as the lions drinking water. There are also several types of antelopes like the waterbuck seen taking water. These boat rides set off in the morning ad also in the afternoon after lunch.

Murchison Falls boat Cruise

The Murchison falls are among the highlights to see on the River Nile. These are found on the Victoria Nile and they present as a water drop with water thunderously gashing through a tiny 7 meter gorge and dropping below to a height of 42 meters forming a water spray and beautiful rainbow! It is surely a must see sight. The boat rides here will take you to the bottom these beautiful falls.

On the boat cruise you will see variety of wildlife including thousands of hippos, the giant Nile Crocodiles, several birds like the shoe bill stork, while on the nearby shore you will see some elephants, buffaloes, and some elephants. This without a doubt will be a memorable experience.

Birder will specifically enjoy a tour on this cruise as the number of birds you will encounter is overwhelming.

Lake Mburo Boat Cruise Safari

Lake Mburo is a very peaceful place a ideal for those interested in enjoying some quite time on safari. There are a couple of boat rides to enjoy on Lake Mburo which begins in the morning and afternoon. Similar to other parks in Uganda, the boat-rides are conducted on modern well maintained boats and they have wildlife guides who will detail about the different wildlife you will come across.

Lake Mburo is found inside the know Lake Mburo National Park, so as you enjoy hi boat cruise you will encounter several bird species like the heron, pelicans, fish eagle, black crake plus several others. Hippos and crocodiles are some of the other animals you will encounter on these boat rides.

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