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Chimpanzee Habituation and Chimp Tracking Experience in Uganda

chimp habituationUganda prides in miles and miles of thick tropical forests which provide habitat to a number of different types of primates including mountain gorillas that are listed among the IUCN critically endangered species (these are found in Bwindi Forest and Mgahinga National Park in which Gorilla tracking is done), man’s closest relatives the Chimpanzees (which are found in budongo forest within Murchison Falls National Park, in Kyambura Gorge found in Queen Elizabeth National Park, and in Kibale National Park where chimpanzee tracking is done), blue monkeys, the colobus, L’Hoest among many others. The large number of primates within these different game parks has made it one of the best destinations across East Africa to see primates.

To enable visitors see these amazing species, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has gone ahead to habituate some of the chimpanzee groups so as to get them acquitted to human presence. The habituated chimpanzee groups are usually seen on Chimp trekking Safaris during which you will personally get the opportunity to spend time with these chimps. Remember that chimpanzees share 99% of their DNA with man. Chimpanzee trekking Safaris which take 2-4 hours start at 8am each day And these require one to have a chimpanzee tracking permit which can be acquired through us tour agents – AA Safaris & Tours Ltd

Also people who come on safari and have extra time on their side during their Safari in Uganda can choose to join in the thrilling yet prolonged chimpanzee-habituation experience. This activity amazing activity starts very early in the morning just as the chimps are leaving their nests and runs all day long until the chimps makes their nest for the following night. During this activity you will observe and follow them as they go copulating, feeding, breastfeeding, hunting, patrolling and finally build their nests at around 7pm.

The chimpanzee-habituation experience offers visitors an opportunity to spend a lot more time in the presence of the chimpanzees and take time observe their every move and behavior.

Make your Reservations with AA Safaris & Tours and get an opportunity to observe these Chimpanzees on your safari in Uganda as you set out to join park rangers on this thrilling Chimpanzee habituation experience.

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