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Discover the Tribes of Rwanda – Rwanda Cultural Safari

Rwanda cultural safarisRwanda found in East Africa on the African continent is a landlocked country that lies at crossroads of East and central Africa. However this small country is a member of the East African Federation together with other countries including Kenya, Uganda, Burundi as well as Tanzania.

Also commonly referred to as a ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’, the country has been popular on the international tourism scene because of its exciting Safaris in Rwanda that include wildlife game viewing as well as Gorilla Tracking Safaris within the Volcanoes National Park; it offers another amazing safari product which is worth enjoying during your visit and this is the Rwanda Cultural Safari package.

The republic of Rwanda mainly has 3 tribes which include the Twa, the Hutu and the Tutsi each special in its way.

The Twa People

The Twa people traditionally were forest inhabitants that primarily relied on the forest for their survival. They obtained food in the forest through hunting, and acquired medication through use of herbs still collected in the forest.

The Hutu People

The Hutu people on the other side were customarily cultivators and are recognized for cultivating or farming the undulating hills in Rwanda in a beneficial as well as environmentally friendly way. The cultivated areas within Rwanda offer a very beautiful view comprised of terraced green rolling hills usually seen en-route from chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe National Park or Gorilla tracking in the Volcanoes national Park.

The Tutsi People

These were customarily cattle keepers that kept long horned cattle that are locally referred to as Inyambo and have so much attachment to their cows. These Tutsi people with their long horned cattle are commonly seen in the northern part of the country so during your Rwanda Safari in the northern region you will easily see them.

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