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East African countries that include Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda will start using the East African Common Tourist Visa come will come January 1, 2014 and with it Uganda expects to have an increase in tourist numbers in a year. These three East African Community (EAC) States announced a ‘single destination’ tourist visa during the London World Travel Market conference that took place on Nov.5 2013.

Local people from Kwale live in constant fear of being attacked by wild animals like the elephant that are seen roaming around their villages after the escape from the parks. They blame the increasing deaths of different people from within their villages to the stray elephants which the responsible people have done nothing about.   The most recent death is of Steve Muthama who was killed by an elephant in Kubwa South and his relative Masila Maundu said that he is now the third person to be killed by stray elephants from their family, and these elephants escape from Shimba Hills Game Reserve.

It is now official that all hotels and lodges up country have been exempted from the 18% VAT that had been proposed in the middle of this year. This comes after an official letter from the Permanent Secretary to the Treasury was delivered making it clear that this hugely controversial VAT had been scrapped at last.

Tourism stakeholders expressed their gratitude and applauded the efforts of their respective associations together with the Uganda Tourism Board who ensured that there is made repeated representations to parliament and to government to have this tax measure cancel because it would make accommodation package  safaris across Uganda so very expensive and for that reason the foreign tour companies were refusing to pay up as the tax because it was not included in any existing quotations for safari services.

During this festive season, Lake Kivu has received more visitors than expected and this is because of its newest gems which is the Emeraude Kivu Resort. This is situated on the shores of Lake Kivu, in Cyangugu, Rusizi District and it has been in business for about five months and is, without a doubt, it the only of its kind in Cyangugu area.

Emeraude Kivu Resort is a beautiful place and you might want to call it a high-end boutique hotel because it is very unlike the middle-class-residential-house-turned-boutique hotel model that is currently trending in Kigali. You can expect cozy warmth and homely delights of a boutique hotel but Emeraude offers more than that as it is the ultimate place for the conservationists and nature lovers.

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