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This city was initially referred to as the city of 7 hills. This city derived it name from the animals that were the initial occupants “impalas” the presence of the hills provides a beautiful back drop to the city.

The Kabaka’s lake a man made lake very beautiful with white birds with which come in the evening to rest on the water, Kasubi tombs 5km west of Kampala where the last four Kabakas of Buganda are buried several of their possessions are displayed including medals received, hunting spears, gifts etc, Nakasero hill and Kololo where the administrative offices and diplomatic residential areas are. Makerere Hill road which is a home to the University campus.

The city has 3 religious hills Rubaga hill catholic, Namirembe hill headquarters of the British church missionary society and Kibuli hill Muslim and various Pentecostal churches do exist in Kampala.
Wide selections of local handcrafts are available as souvenirs. This includes musical instruments, such as drums as well as excellent local basket work, paintings, batiks and pottery at all tourist centers. Various crafts shops do exist in the cit with most unique art pieces, banana boat, Tulifanya art gallery, crafts village at the National theater all stock a variety.
It has been hailed as one of the wonders of not only Uganda, but of Africa as a whole. The bahai temple about 7km from Kampala city center has awed and amazed many visitors not only because of its architectural splendor, but also because of the beautiful natural environment in which it majestically stands. Perched at the top of Kikaya hill, it can be seen from any of Kampala’ hills and many of the city’s suburbs, as if beckoning people to come over and explore it.

New restaurants have been springing up all over the city. There is hardly a country that isn’t represented very effectively when it comes to extremely good eating and drinking restaurants.

After work the city’s friendliness is most apparent in its enormous capacity to enjoy itself and in the past few years night club, bar and casinos have been springing up all over the city.

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