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Locally known as “Village Touristique de Kinigi” , Kinigi guest house at the Bottom of Sabyinyo Volcanic mountain  in Kinigi district, only 11 Km from Ruhengeri town. This guest house was founded and is managed by “Association de Solidarité des Femmes Rwandaises” (ASOFERWA)  an association of orphans and widows. The income generated from the guest house is used to pay for school fees, support women groups and provide market for local products of women and orphans

The guest house has over 20 rooms and on average it can accommodate over 40 people, with ensuite showers with both hot and cold water.  It also has dormitories, also referred to as ‘dorms’ for large groups of 16 and above. These dorms have shared bathrooms, which have hot and cold water.  Electricity is available 24 /7 in all rooms.  The guest house operates a restaurant, with great cuisines at great rates and it also has a lounge with a fire place where people can relax in the evening after tracking.

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