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Enjoy a cultural tour with the Azizi life experience

aziz experienceCultural tourism is one of the things to do if you wish to have a real connection with the local people. You will be amazed by how rich the Rwanda culture really is and this is something you can only find out if you get close to these friendly people; this great opportunity you will enjoy during your Safari in Rwanda. They will to walk you through their tradition life style which includes the music and dances, tradition dishes, farming methods, among other experiences. You can always explore all this if you go for the Aziz life experience.

Cultural tourism at Aziz life

Aziz life has an office through which you get to the people if you want to go for this experience. It’s located just an hour away from Kigali along the Kigali-Huye road.

As the name suggests, it’s a life experience where you are exposed to the different cultures and traditions of the Rwanda people. Aziz life experience is a social venture that gives people the chance to interact and also better understand the life style of the rural people. You can get involved in their daily activities thus an interactive way of learn about the cultures. It’s much better than just reading about them or being told stories.

During your visit, you will go through different experience since at the moment they are offering 6 different experiences to visitors.

What to do while at Aziz life

When you arrive for a one day cultural experience, you together with the Azizi Life interpreter given to you will be received by the ladies from their weaving cooperative. A little bit of introduction from both the visitors and the host family is important before you get involved in their morning family duties. There are activities that include kitchen duties like cooking, you may go to collect some water from down the valley spring, there is grass cutting for their farm animals as well as going in the garden with them to plant or weed. So the choice is yours, you can go for whatever you want to do that morning.

By noon, you along with them will retire and return home for lunch. You will share with the host family their simple meal that they will have prepared and this is also a good time for you to chat with them so you can learn more about the cultures. You can also help with the cooking.

There is the artisan cooperative of weaving that you will join after your lunch. During your interaction with them, you will learn how they harvest and also prepare the natural fibers. They will also train you how to weave yourself sisal jewelry for your souvenir.
Soon, it will be sun-down and so you will have to drive out of their community.

Traditional way of construction

Azizi Life Experience is the perfect opportunity you have to learn how they traditionally construct their buildings.
You will start with collecting the water from the source and soil before they can teach you how to mix it up so you can make the mud bricks. Once you have the bricks ready, you can then dig up the foundations and then carefully look and learn how they lay the bricks in the foundation so that the building comes out strong.


In the afternoon, you will stop working and go have home-cooked meal with the host family.
Then after lunch, you have to go and get some banana leaves from the garden, they will teach you how to make a strong rope out of the banana fibers which is what they used to fasten the wood together when making the roof. In the evening, you will drive back will all that knowledge about how they build their traditional houses.

Dance and drummer lessons

Enjoy the Azizi Life Musical Experience and it will begin with short performance done by a small group of traditional performers and after them it will be turn to try. There will be dancers too to teach you essential steps to proper dancing and they will also share you a little bit about the Rwandan dance history. The expert dance and music instructors will be there to help you understand everything so that you are ready for your performance. You can have your performance recorded on video so you can see it later.


You will have a break to have your lunch and then later professional drummers will teach you a few traditional beats but you can also do your own free style. No experience is needed to enjoy this experience.

Traditional ways of cooking

If it’s a cooking experience, you can select seasonal dishes that you wish to learn about with the with some of the local women.
For this experience, you have to begin from the garden in the morning to learn how seasonal crops are planted and how they are harvested before they are cooked to make a delicious meal.
After collecting the ingredients from the garden or store and collecting the water that you will use to prepare the food, then you can start the cooking procedure. Preparation may involve washing the ingredient, peeling off the outer layer and then pounding as well as grinding where applicable for example if its millet. And you will be using the local methods of grinding and tools to grind.

You will have the support and guidance of your host family as well as the other ladies in the cooperative so that you can enjoy and benefit from the experience.


After cooking using the local fire place, you will then share the meal and most probably use your fingers to eat rather than a fork. This experience helps you understand what the local people go through to put the food on the table. Later in the evening, you will return to where you will be spending the night. Cultural safaris Rwanda can be very rewarding and you can be sure that Aziz life experience is one of them therefore you should include them on your itinerary.

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