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Rwanda Effects New Tourist Visa Fees

republic of RwandaStarting today 1st August 1, 2016, the government has effected its new Visa Fees and now, tourists visiting on Safari to Rwanda are required to make a payment of either 50 US Dollars, or 35 UK Pounds, or 45 Euros depending on the currency of your convenience.

Transit Visa Fees are now at either 30 US Dollars, or 20 UK Pounds, or 27 Euros.

No so long ago the neighboring republic of Uganda also reduced their Visa-fee from $100 US Dollars to just $50 US Dollars. And the good news is that the tourist destination countries of the East African community which include Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya are currently charging a uniform fee for their tourist visas which is 50 US Dollars.

However the unison East African Tourist Visa is still at a fee of 100 US Dollars per individual, and it offers access to three countries including Rwanda, Uganda as well as the neighboring Kenya. On the other hand, Tanzania which is still not part of this understanding has been subjected to so much pressure from its tourism industry to join this arrangement so as to increase the number of tourists visiting the country on a Tanzania Safari.

Unfortunately, two of the other East African Community member states (Burundi and South Sudan) are no longer thriving tourist destinations mainly because of the internal conflicts taking place within these countries.

Actually Burundi requires that one should obtain a Visa before arrival in the country, and this resulted into a drastic decline in the number of tourists that visit the country. On the other hand, according to Insurance companies, they say that South Sudan is currently a no go area and they do not extend insurance cover to any one visiting the country currently.

So as you plan to visit on a Safari in Rwanda, keep in mind these new changes in the Tourist Visa Fees.

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