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Owl-faced Monkeys of Nyungwe Forest Park, Rwanda

Owl faced monkeysThe Owl- Faced monkeys are a shy and very hard to find species. Because very little is actually known about their ecology as well as conservation status due to their limited range within central Africa, Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park not only offers a great research base but also a good conservation area for this unique species.

These Owl- faced monkeys are quite fascinating to look at. They have a beak-sharp nose and an oval face similar to that of an owl. They are hardly seen however during your walk in the forest, you may be lucky to run into them during your Safari in Rwanda. Their coats are gray in color with white stripes running from their forehead to the tip of their pointed nose.

Nyungwe national park is among the wildlife habitats in African having the largest diversity of primate species. In addition, there are 14 mammal species that are endemic to the Albe

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