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Visit Uganda’s Most Remarkable Islands-Ssese Islands

Ssese island beach ugandaSsese Islands are among the Uganda’s biggest tourism destinations to an extent that they haven’t been really explored and utilized as a great tourism destination that they are. Ssese islands are found in the northwestern side of Lake Victoria which is the largest lake in Africa and second largest in world and shared by Uganda Kenya and Tanzania. It is a great place to visit on your Safari in Uganda. This is actually an archipelago, composed of 84 different islands although many of them are not really known to the public.

With all these 84 island located close together, coupled with those beautiful sandy beaches, the palm trees, you will surely enjoy your stay at Ssese. Enjoy the amazing nature composed of very beautiful flowers and the trees and also enjoy the company of these really friendly Ugandan people. A visit these islands is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a perfect place to spend your holiday especially since the environment is often cool and very favorable for those that wish to spend some time at the beach.

There are lots of activities that you can chose from if you are planning a safari in Uganda for example there is white water rafting, you may chose gorilla trekking or even mountain climbing of the Rwenzori or the Elgon however after such a tiresome adventure, you may need to have some quality time to rest. Try visiting Ssese Island and you will not regret your choice because it is the perfect place to relax and unwind from as you enjoy the cool breeze as well as the peace and quiet just before you go back home. This is closer to Entebbe airport and so if you have to fly out of the country, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic jam.

The Amazing Sights and Sounds On Ssese Islands

There are beautiful sandy beaches from where you can relax from as you enjoy the sun breeze, the exotic plants and the flowers.

Within the tropical forest are a number of primates like the monkeys and some wildlife species like the Sitatunga, the Antelopes as well as so many exotic bird species. For those that love watching the birds, you will be amazed by the variety of species that live in the forests and along beaches of Ssese islands thus making it a birding paradise.

You can do a community walk and during this you can visit communities and interact with the island dwellers. You will be able to learn something new from them especially about their cultures and how they live their lives.

You can go for a boat ride or may be fishing with trained fisherman and with life jackets so you are safe. Boat ride can be done in two ways, you can do the paddling yourself but with a guide alternatively, the boat ride can be on a motor boat with a strong engine. The fishing will be done at the same time as the boat ride. You will start fishing when you get to the fishing zones, the guide will know exactly when to do the fishing while in the water. You can expect to catch different types of fish like the Nile perch fish, there is also the tilapia, among others and when you return, you can always chose to cook or smoking it yourself.

You can also go visit the markets or the farmer lands, you will find lots of different fruits especially since Uganda because it’s amazing weather, we can grow the different fruits like plenty of mangoes, the bananas, there is papaya, lots of watermelons, the pineapples and also the jackfruit as well as so many other fruit as you will see them and some you might have never tasted or seen them and this will be a great opportunity for you to test.

In additional to all that, you will also enjoy the scenery. Spend some time at your hotel and watch the sunrise or at the sandy beaches and enjoy the sun set which a really breathtaking view.

How to Reach To Ssese Islands

There are 2 routes that can get you Ssese islands and it takes only a few hours to get there because the ferry across Lake Victoria takes almost an hour to get to the island. You need to find your way to Masaka-Nyendo especially if you will be continuing towards the western part of Uganda after the tour to Ssese Island. In your case, the guide will be there to drive you to the lake shore from where you will board the ferry to the island which is in Kalangala district.

The other route is via Entebbe, this is very efficient if you are visiting Ssese as your last activity after a long tour around Uganda and flying out of the country in a few days or at the very beginning when you have just arrived and you need to visit that place before you continue to Kampala

Other than using a ferry to cross over to the island, you can opt for a charter a flight.

Accommodation facilities at Ssese Island

There is plenty of really good accommodation facilities so the choice is always yours depending on how much you are willing to pay. There are lots of hotels and lodges mainly on Bugala Island, the largest and probably the most visited island, many hotels are along the shores of the Lake Victoria. Majority of these hotels along the shore have got really beautiful view across the lake and access to the beach.   There is nothing like a five star hotel but what is there is good and comfortable therefore you will surely have a nice and joyous stay at the island. In the evening, you can have a private beach camp fire and warm up since the nights are usually cold.

Visit Ssese Island if you are seeking for the perfect place from where you can relax and forget all your troubles for while. There are several places you can visit before or after the Uganda safari but a visit to Ssese is a great additional activity to your primates, wildlife, cultural or birding safari in Uganda. Ssese is identified as one of the best kept secret archipelago in the world. You can visit the island any time of the year and will have an amazing time.

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