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Amazing facts to learn about Rwanda as a tourist destination

Rwanda is one of the East African community members and one of the best tourism destinations on the African continent because of its various tourism attractions that range from the natural stuff like wildlife and manmade like cultures. This is a pretty interesting country to visit and any one is free to visit any time of the year. It is true that those who have never visited , toured or done a safari in Rwanda will have a different idea about the country after reading various books about well-known Rwandese genocide that took place in 1994 which is more than 20 years ago. Most of this rewritten information is biased and so discourages so many potential tourists from visit Rwanda and in-turn miss out on the adventure and the fun.

The truth is that there really so much to see and learn about Rwanda which the books and the internet will never give you. There are few facts that many people may not know about Rwanda as a tourist destination and yet are of great importance to the tourism business.

Rwanda is a home for more than the Mountain Gorillas

Rwanda just like Uganda and Dr. Congo is a home to hundreds of mountain gorilla therefore a perfect destination for a gorilla tracking safari. Much as they are truly amazing creatures, they are not the only remarkable attractions in this country. There are so many other primates found in Nyungwe and volcanoes national park that also attract hundreds tourists and these include various monkey species like the golden monkeys, chimpanzees, among others.

Other primates in Rwanda.

Chimpanzees are more like the famous mountain gorillas because they are also closely related to the human with a 98% of their DNA similar to that of the human kind. Chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda is done in Nyungwe forest national park which is found in the southwestern part of Rwanda and in the jungle, they live in groups which consisting of their very close relatives with a leader in each group. Chimpanzee feed on leaves and fruits mainly, they also feed on shoot and they travel from place to place searching for food and also a new home because usually they don’t have permanent nests that they have to return to every day. Chimpanzee tracking is a very adventurous activity, very rewarding and it is true that you will have plenty of time with the chimpanzee after your encounter with theme in the jungle.

The other commonly sought primates include the monkeys but more the golden monkeys. They are very impressive primates found in the same jungle as the gorillas and that is the volcanoes national park. They have that beautiful golden color thus the name and are also listed among the most endangered primate in the world. Golden monkeys live in groups of 30 or a little more or less members, they mainly feed on stuff like leaves, fruits, bamboo shoots as well as small insects. Golden monkey tracking is one of the most exciting and enjoyable activity in Volcanoes national park.

Apart from gorillas and primates are there are other wildlife in Rwanda

Rwanda is also blessed with a big number of savanna wild animals commonly found in Akagera national park which is in the eastern part of Rwanda. Akagera is the only park in Rwanda where game drives are done and you can expect to see animals like the giraffes, zebras, the lions, elephants and many more. Akagera national park is the only place if you are planning a wildlife safari in Rwanda. It is only from there will you have an amazing experiences.

Is Rwanda safe to visit ?   

Despite all the security challenges Rwanda faced in the past especially the 1994 Rwandese genocide during which thousands of people lost their lives, the country has managed to pull its self out that status, completely recovered and has become one of the most peaceful nations in Africa. Since the genocide end, there has not been a single incident of insecurity in Rwanda which makes it really safe for everyone especially the tourists. There are various genocide memorial sites that were built across the country for tourists or any other traveler who is interested in learning about Rwanda and its cultures too.  Visiting this memorial centers is another activity that you can do that doesn’t have anything to do with the mountain gorillas.

Plenty of plantations to visit

There are various plantations especially the tea and coffee since Rwanda is a promising agricultural country. Various beverages are got out that tea and coffee that is served during breakfast in various hotels in the country. Tea and coffee are processed from within the country. Besides the coffee and tea plantations, Rwanda also processes different liquor like the Skol and the Primus, among others.

Visit Kigali the cleanest city in Africa

Everyone would be attracted to a clean country in addition to all the other tourists’ attractions the country may have. Rwanda’s capital Kigali is named among the cleanest cities across Africa and it’s been such a modal city as far as cleanness and being organized concerned. The government of Rwanda has  taken major steps towards keeping Kigali clean for instance they discouraged littering across the country and they every citizen regardless of who you are is supposed to engage in the general cleaning which takes place every last Saturday of the month. This is called the Omuganda day.

Rwanda is one of the best places that you can visit any time of the year and get to enjoy the many attractions the country has in place.

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