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The human- wildlife conflict is still a huge problem

Local people from Kwale live in constant fear of being attacked by wild animals like the elephant that are seen roaming around their villages after the escape from the parks. They blame the increasing deaths of different people from within their villages to the stray elephants which the responsible people have done nothing about.   The most recent death is of Steve Muthama who was killed by an elephant in Kubwa South and his relative Masila Maundu said that he is now the third person to be killed by stray elephants from their family, and these elephants escape from Shimba Hills Game Reserve.

Maundu also said that they lose lives and property when the animals attack at night. Residents say that the elephants looking for water at night and in the due course they cause the human-wildlife conflict. The residents have asked the county government and the wildlife department to fight the human-wildlife conflict but so far, nothing has been done.

One resident said that the responsible authorities in charge of the animals should tame them in their territory and get a lasting solution to the watering areas of the wildlife to stop them from wondering around and also prevent the deaths of innocent people.   Residents say, they will be forced ‘take action in their own hands’ and kill the animals which have become a nightmare in their lives if the state does not react. They will also be holding a demonstration to condemn the death of their fellow residents.

Maundu also said that they can no longer live with that fear as they don’t when next they will be attacking.

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