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This is the heart of Buganda kingdom. The panoramic hilltop at Naggalabi Buddo is the historic heart of Buganda. It was here that the kingdom began, at the dawn of the 14th century and it is the here that every Kabaka is still crowned.

According to Buganda folklore, the Kingdom began when two brothers fought on famous Buddo hill. The victor, Kintu, declared himself king. These events are still recreated in remarkable coronation ceremony with its ritual process, fighting and drumming. At Naggalabi Buddo you can visit the main sacred sites, and literally walk in the footsteps of the past and present Kings:
– Bwanika where the Kabakas are ritually prepared for coronation
– Buganda house, where the newly crowned Kabaka appoints his officials and greets his clan chiefs. This is the special pace of ritual and worship. Reveal coronation site itself.

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