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Rwanda is a country located in East Africa bordering Uganda, Burundi and DR. Congo. This landlocked country is located in heart of Africa between Africa’s Largest River System that is Congo and Nile and on the western Arm of the Great Rift Valley. Rwanda has Numerous Mountains and the highest being Karisimbi which lies at 4,507m above seas level.  This country also has numerous small lakes which are barely recognized however the largest of the water bodies is called Lake Kivu which is shared with DR.Congo.

With its temperate climate Rwanda Can be visited any time of the year. Rwanda has two season that is the rain season and the dry season. It has the long dry season from June to September and then short wet season in November followed by a Short Dry season in December and January and then the long wet season from March to May. Please be informed that the wet season of Rwanda is not as wet as in Europe. In Rwanda it rains just for a couple of hours and then stops to shine the rest of the day. That is why Rwanda can be visited anytime of the year.

Rwanda has a population of over 11 million people living in an area less the 27,000km squared. Which makes it one of the most populated countries in the world. This population is comprised of three ethnic tribes ie. The Hutu, Tutsi and Twa with the majority or people being Christians and 4.5% of moslems.

Despite the fact that it is a landlocked country, Rwanda is a member of the East African Community and it can be accessed by Road through Kenya and Uganda and by Air Rwanda has its own Airline Rwanda Air, and there are other services providers to include; south African Airways, KLM, Brussels, Turkish Airline and many More which one can use to fly into this country.

For Visas, Rwanda’s Visas can be applied for online and if you ware entering Rwanda through Kenya or Uganda a single tourists Visa will allow you to enter Rwanda.  To apply for the Visa visit this Link or you can apply for it through the embassies, or consulates in Uganda country or in countries closer to yours.

Health wise, it is advisable to obtain a yellow fever vaccination before travelling to Rwanda and also carry Insect repellents and take Anti- Malaria Tabs before Traveling to Rwanda.

That was just a brief about rwanda and if you are travelling to Rwanda for business , Safari or Gorilla Safari and need our help, Kindly contact Us.

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