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AA safaris and tours, Uganda Safari experts is a factual African tour operator. Our company prepares tours and holidays in the pearl of Africa. AA safaris and tours developed from Africa, and are well versed with the gorgeous points of Uganda and beyond, prepare several tours through out the country and we are all set to drive you through Uganda on your visionary Vacation Holiday.

AA SAFARIS AND TOURS offers a true experience of EAST AFRICA with an independent Ugandan based Tour and Travel Company and an agency in the United Kingdom.  We  are fully registered and licensed in Uganda and a member of The Uganda Association of Travel Agents ( TUGATA Number 131) therefore dedicated to abide by the clients / travelers’ protecting  rules and regulations of this Association and the Uganda Tour and travel industry at large. We live to provide professional travel guidance for business and leisure travelers.  AA safaris and Tours Limited takes you to a multiplicity of tour and Uganda safari sites   or Destinations in Uganda, Rwanda  , Kenya  and Tanzania  and  also offer global  airline ticketing and route planning on Request.


We are listed on the Uganda Tourism Association website as one of the Credible tour companies in Uganda. Our TUGATA licence number is 131. Uganda Tourism Association is an umbrella body responsible for tour operators, hoteliers and other service providers in Uganda.
Tourism Uganda is the official legal body responsible for the promotion of Tourism in Uganda, We are listed under the section of tour operators as a recognized and credible safari company in Uganda.
Africa Tour Operators has ranked us one of the best companies in Uganda. Our speciality in adventure travel, gorilla trekking, primate viewing and wildlife safaris over many years is what makes us best.
We have good reviews on forums such as Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor and so much more.


Entebbe airport is the aerodrome for Uganda and a number of world class airlines operate on it. For example BA (British Airways), SN Brussels, Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, Emirates, Egypt Air, Air Tanzania, Kenya Airways, Air Uganda offering flights to and fro.

Ground transportation

You may reach Uganda by road in case your flight ends in the neighboring countries of Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda which are on the other hand very interesting tourist destinations

When you reach the Airport

The Uganda’s Customs and immigration members are very friendly, polite and helpful. For those who need a visa, you can acquire it right at Entebbe International Airport or at any border crossing. Forex bureaus for currency exchange and ATM facilities are present at the airport. There are also a number of shops and restaurants for those who would like something urgently at the airport. In case you send in your requisition early enough, a good number of the hotels be it midrange will organize for airport pickups, even the tour operator organizing your safari or tour.


Uganda is in general a safe country. It is necessary for every one travelling to Uganda to have a certificate of yellow fever vaccination. Every person visiting Uganda should take anti-malaria drugs as prevention against this prevalent disease. It is also suitable to drink bottled which are readily obtainable in any of the numerous supermarkets, restaurants and shops other r than tap water. The AIDS scourge which afflicted the nation has significantly dropped because of the strong AIDS awareness campaign by the government and NGOs but one is required to take precaution.


The unit of currency is the Uganda shilling. The majority of tours operators wish that tourist pay in the 2000s US dollars, but Euros and Pound Sterling are also greatly accepted. Hard currency cash may be exchanged for the local currency at any of the banks and forex bureaus in all the towns found in Uganda, even if one will find hard time in using travelers’ cheques outside of Kampala. You can draw the Ugandan Shilling against Visa and other major credit cards at selected bank ATMs in Kampala, Entebbe International Airport, plus in other larger towns outside of the Capital.

Language spoken

Uganda takes English as her official language and the greatest numbers of Ugandans are generally fluent English speakers. Even if the country has more than 36 different tribes who speak other dialects, Luganda serves as something of a lingua franca. The country has also some people who speak French because of the strong influence from Congo and Rwanda, not forgetting the influence of Alliance Francias, a French language teaching school in the city.

Best Time for  Safari in Uganda

Uganda is endowed with fantastic climate through out the year and there is no specific time for visiting it. The temperatures range from 21 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius in the day and about 16-20 degrees Celsius in the night. The hottest months are from December-January yet the wettest and coolest months are March-May plus the mid-September to November. Activities like mountain hikes, gorilla tour which include tracking passed steep slopes with dense foliage and undergrowth and other forest walks are more taxing during the rain, which usually increases over mid-September to November and March to May.

Preferred clothing

During the day, temperatures are usually warm basing on which part of the country one is at, so carry lots of light clothing. In the Evening temperatures are cooler at mostly high altitudes, so it is better to carry a couple of light sweaters too. For the tourist interested in mountaineering or climb on the mountains, you are required to pack accordingly because of the alpine temperatures. You would do well to bring solid walking shoes and strong clothing, a sun hat, sunglasses, waterproof jackets which are perfect for forest walks, game drives and national park tours.

Items to carry

Guests to country need to have valid passports, and visa requirements should be checked with the customs and immigrations at the Airport when you reach previous to your travel. Binoculars and tour guides will give you a chance you reap the most of game reserves and national parks tours and game drives. Zoom lens for Photographers who are interested to photographing the wonderful wildlife and scenery (70-300 or similar). Printing film and developing is facilities are accessible in Kampala. Toiletries and other important commodities can be bought at any of the various supermarkets and shopping centers in the cities.


Tourists who prefer to do self-drive have to note that driving in Uganda is done on the left side. There are a number of car hire service providers within the city with beautiful rates even if the fuel prices are some how high, due to the fact that Uganda is a landlocked country. For visitors that have never moved on African roads, you are asked to organize for a vehicle with a driver other than opting for a self-drive.


Tipping is not a compulsory practiced that is often done at local hotels, bars and restaurants, but it is usually appreciated. The amount is based on the tourists’ judgment, even if the tour guides and drivers must always be tipped.

Additional Information

In case you want more information, we advise you to read: Footprint guides, the Bradt Travel, Lonely Planet, and Spectrum Guides. There are more guides on the internet that can give more information.

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