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This is the link between a mother and the son forever.
On the hilltop opposite Wamala are the tombs of the most revered woman in Suuna’s Royal court, his mother Nnamasole Kanyange.

When Suuna II became Kabaka, his mother became ’Nnamasole or the King’s mother. Suuna built a place for her opposite his palace at Wamala. Some say this was because he was because he could not bear to be parted from her: others say it was to keep an eye on her. Kanyange was very beautiful and influential in the royal court. Before dying she appointed a new Nnamasole to continue her royal duties. The current descendants, and carries out her traditional duties to this day.
The tombs are an important place for ritual and ceremonies, and contain a special sacred drum used for calling Suuna’s spirit. An historic walk to the impressive Wamala Tombs retraces the steps that Kanyange and Suuna followed to visit each other.

This is the cultural center a place of hope, celebration and learning. These tombs tell a story of repression and revival.
The place of Nnamasole Baagalayaze, the mother of Kabaka Mwanga II was turned into her death in 1916. Kabaka Mwanga was a famous king who ordered in exile in the Seychelles and is buried in Kasubi Tombs. The current Nnamasole inheritage her position at the age of three, and was twice attacked by government troops under President Obote.

However, Nnamasole Baggalayaze survived and is reveled by local community. She has given land to the catholic and protestant churches, the mosque, two local schools a hospital, and a brick making enterprise. These act of kindness have prevailed over past trouble times.
Now the tombs and its enclosure has become a cultural center that celebrates the people and history of Buganda. Visitors can enjoy traditional performances (music, dance and drama), try their hand at arts and crafts and hear vivid stories about the kingdom and Kabakas of Buganda.

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