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Entebbe is built around the shores of Lake Victoria and is primary active as the location of the airport a relaxed stopover alternative to Kampala on your way into or out of the country by airplane, as the air is clean, the streets are safe to walk and the old colonial gardens and parks with the lake in the background make for a serene atmosphere. The old Botanical Gardens, while tired, will be of interest to botanists and birders unlikely to see specimens in the wild. In Entebbe, try the Boma Guesthouse on Gowers Rd. local food in Entebbe can be found at the Golf course restaurant and at the Airport motel among other places.


The Uganda Wildlife Education Center in Entebbe was created by Government of Uganda with the help of the Wildlife conservation center in New York. The center has grown considerably in recent years and hosts a variety of wildlife. UWEC is not a zoo as the center environment has been designed to be as close as possible to the wild. At the center, visitors are able to observe many of the indigenous species to be found in Uganda and also to receive comprehensive information on the species, their natural habitats and the complex ecologies of Uganda.

This is a small fascinating Island of lake Victoria where Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary is located. The sanctuary was established in October 1998 as a project to take care of young orphaned Chimpanzee. When they grow up, they are taken to the forest to live in a natural environment. Chimpanzee tracking safaris to Ngamba Chimpanzee sanctuary take place all year round.

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