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Why Track Gorillas in Bwindi’s Rushaga Area | Gorilla Tracking Safari

Rushaga gorillaThere are a number of reasons why one needs to track gorillas in Uganda particularly in Rushaga Area found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Bwindi National Park is among the world heritage sites, and it’s popular for its resident population of mountain gorillas. Within this park the number one tourist activity is gorilla trekking conducted during your Uganda Gorilla safari in 4 trail-heads which include: Rushaga, Buhoma, Nkuringo and Ruhija. Although Rushaga area has more habituated gorilla families compared to other parts in Bwindi Forest, it receives fewer guests. Today we have taken time to explain to you why this part of Bwindi Forest is worth visiting and more so why is worth doing your gorilla tracking safari here.

There are more than 5 habituated gorilla families

There are 5 habituated gorilla families within the Rushaga area of Bwindi National Park among which are: Bweza, Nshongyi, Busingye, Kahungye and Mishaya. With this large number of gorilla families all in a single area, it’s extremely easily to obtain gorilla permits for this area.

You can track more than one Gorilla Family

People interested in trekking more than one time, will actually have an opportunity do so by simply changing to another gorilla family, but still within the same area. This should therefore give you all the reasons why you should trek gorillas in Rushaga region.

You will be giving back to the local community

The majority of lodges within Rushaga are managed and owned by the local communities within this area. If you decide to track gorillas within Rushaga and decide to spend a night in any of the Lodges like Kisoro traveller’s, Gorilla safari Lodge and Nshongi Camp or any others, the good news is that you’ll be directly giving your money to the local people and also help in developing a couple of local projects. This is another good reason why you should go to Rushaga area over other areas in Bwindi

The breathtaking views

Another reason to track gorillas within Rushaga is the breathtaking views. As you drive to this part of Bwindi forest you will be stunned by the beautiful topography. The green Hills and the dense valleys will certainly impress you. In addition, you will have an opportunity to view some peaks of the Virunga Mountains. It is a very beautiful part of the country worth seeing.

Take Part in the Gorilla Habituation Process

Another reason to track gorillas within Rushaga is that, this is the only place within Bwindi forest where tourists are allowed to take part in the gorilla habituation process. This will give you the opportunity to spend even more time in the presence of the gorillas; unlike the usual one hour you get during gorilla tracking.

Join AA Safaris today for a great experience as you track gorillas in Uganda within Rushaga area found in Bwindi Forest National Park home of the mountain gorillas.

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