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Lake Kivu’s newest gate away

During this festive season, Lake Kivu has received more visitors than expected and this is because of its newest gems which is the Emeraude Kivu Resort. This is situated on the shores of Lake Kivu, in Cyangugu, Rusizi District and it has been in business for about five months and is, without a doubt, it the only of its kind in Cyangugu area.

Emeraude Kivu Resort is a beautiful place and you might want to call it a high-end boutique hotel because it is very unlike the middle-class-residential-house-turned-boutique hotel model that is currently trending in Kigali. You can expect cozy warmth and homely delights of a boutique hotel but Emeraude offers more than that as it is the ultimate place for the conservationists and nature lovers.

Emeraude is a French word from the English word Emerald, which means Green perfectly suitable given the green cover around the hotel. According to the owner, Eugene Rutagarama, his intension is to reconcile the conservation symbol, Green, with natural beauty.

When you visit the resort, you can enjoy a boat ride as the management boasts a modest fleet of three engine boats at a small fee but also the local boatmen won’t hesitate to take you on a short cruise to one of the many outlying islands, or take you for a bird-watching adventure at a small fee as well.

There are both the standard rooms as well as two luxury tents pitched right on the beach to offer solace and they are all decked with timber floors and concrete bathrooms. The tents are the best place to catch the magnificent golden sunsets that almost exclusive to Kivu. A trip to Rwanda will definitely be worthwhile.

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