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In unspoiled bush country, Rhino fund Uganda is breeding a new rhino population. Rhinos became vanished in Uganda in the early 1980’s. In the years to come, rhinos will be rehabilitated in their original environment in Uganda’s protected areas. Situated some 170 kms North- West of Kampala on Gulu high way to Murchison falls National Park, Ziwa rhino sanctuary gives its visitors peace and harmony in stunning surroundings. The 70 sq km sanctuary is a residence to only wild rhinos in Uganda.

What to do
Move to our craft shop when you reach at our entrance. The greatest part of our craft is locally made and your support will not only lend a hand to the project, but also our nearby communities.
Do go to our information Center at reception. Here you will find out a more concerning Rhinos in general and gain more knowledge on our project.

Move on for game drive- take a guide to track our rhinos or tour any of our 4dams’ where you will view a wealthy birdlife, crocodiles and you might be fortunate to spot a leopard or two.

Take a walk to Lugogo River and experience the tranquility of the sanctuary’ an ideal spot for bird watchers too.

Flora and fauna
Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary has two distinct ecosystems, wooded grassland area were the lugogo River passes through. The sanctuary hosts not only Rhinos, but has other animals species such as Bush buck, water buck, oribi, Uganda Kob, Reed buck, sitatunga, duiker, warthog, bush pig, Aardvark, Crocodiles just to mention but a few.

The sanctuary also supports an extensive bird list and a few species of note are the shoe-bill, Verreaux’s eagle-owl, pied kingfisher, Abbysian ground horn-bill, and Jacana. Just to mention but a few.

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